Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off. My work/life balance is coming along very nicely, thank you very much.

The Little Madam may not agree, as she would still rather hang out with me every day despite all the attractions of her daycare - surrounded by like-minded little friends and patient teachers, offered all sorts of messy play equipment that I avoid having in our home, and pretty much allowed to do as she pleases all day.

But for me, it's nice to have 4 days per week in which I can't hover around checking whether she's got poos or wees, and in which I do grownup work and - in theory - spend lunch hours meeting my friends or shopping. On the days I don't work, I don't feel any desperate need to get out of the house. It's great just to hang out with the kid and not have to be anywhere.

Although, on Wednesdays, this wouldn't normally be the case. It's usually the day that my conscience forces us to spend hours with my mum wandering up and down supermarket aisles, looking for the freshest and best-value cuts of meat, or the bottle of rice bran oil at the very, very back of the shelf. I haven't had to suffer this for the last couple of weeks due to sickness and the fact that the boy has been taking my car to work (his own car's windscreen wipers have died and the replacements still haven't arrived from Japan).

Quiet Wednesdas are a blessing (if I'm allowed to used that word, since I don't worship any divinities).


Ms Mac said...

Hah! I read your sentence, "surrounded by like-minded little friends and patient teachers" as "surrounded by like-minded little fiends and patient teachers."

It amused me to think of TLM as a little fiend.

Which I'm sure she's not.

Violet said...

ms mac: I'm sure she's all sweetness and light, when her parents aren't around.

Make Tea Not War said...

I've had that exact routine of 4 days work and Wednesdays off with my kid for the past couple of years. I think it works quite well- and I bet TLM has a great time when she is actually at Childcare.

Violet said...

mtnw: yeah she does. It tires her out tho, because she never naps there.