Saturday, August 16, 2008

The more the merrier

For some reason I had this idea that there'd only be about half a dozen kids at TLM's birthday party. But I was totally wrong - there were 13, a baker's dozen. Just as well we were holding the party at TLM's daycare premises, where there was plenty of room, loads of toys and enough outdoor play space to do whatever 1-7 year-olds do when out of sight of their chatting parents.

One of TLM's friends apparently told his mum that his favourite part of the party was playing with TLM and one other girl friend. TLM's favourite part, according to the birthday girl, was when everyone (TLM included) sang Happy Birthday.

The dairy-free, egg-free chocolate cake went down well, although I suspect that was due to the obscenely large dollops of icing that probably contained more calories than the cake itself. Or it might have been the multitude of edible Thomas pictures on top of the icing.

It was a far cry from TLM's second birthday, which was fun but far quieter because we'd followed the parenting mazagines' recommendations to keep the kiddy numbers low. I know next year I'll go for the full-house approach again.


Nigel Patel said...

But the icing is the best part!
And doesn't the sugar in it give us the energy to burn off all those calories?
(The logic of a fat man){though not nearly as fat as a few years ago}

Anonymous said...

makes me sound exhausted just thinking about it! A dairy and egg free cake sounds... ? Lucky it didn't have to be gluten/wheat free too!

Violet said...

nigel: ...also the logic of a three-year-old...

donnasoowho: it's actually very nice - really moist and chocolate-y. Gluten or wheat-free would be another matter entirely. My niece is restricted to such cakes and, though she likes them, they are apparently a bit funny-tasting to most humans.

Angela said...

Sounds a bit crazy, but fun.
It is a good thing it wasn't at your home.

Good thing she had all those kids around to help her burn off all her energy.