Monday, July 07, 2008

In my comfort zone

After working at this place for just over 2 months, I finally feel like I'm not just the new girl. I know my immediate workmates well enough to joke with and about them, and the dreaded unreconcilable spreadsheet has been conquered (at least, for this month). I still don't have anyone to go to lunch with, but that's no big deal because I'm not that much of a lunchtime socialiser (I prefer to go to the library or shop).

I'm here now, in my cosy comfort zone. And I reckon I'll probably have a new work assignment elsewhere by the end of the month.


Cathi said...

I knew I'd integrated as far as I would in my new contract when they introduced another newbie to me, saying "And this is Cathi, she's the, erm, temp"

Nigel Patel said...

I loves me the Comfort Zone.
Kept me in a pointless factory gig for ten 1/2 years.
That and righteous pay.

Angela said...

Well after a while knowing everyone may get boring
well maybe.
It is always nice to find new people to figure out.

Violet said...

cathi: some temps stay longer than the permies eh?

nigel: yeah my problem is that I get too comfy. That's why I was at one job for almost a decade.

angela: I dont think it'd be possible to know everything about the people one works with. But then, one wouldn't want to...