Friday, July 25, 2008


I was slowly reversing my car out of it's tight angle park (tight because the car on the left was about 6 inches away from mine), when - bam! crunch! holy fender bender, Batman! Someone had snuck up behind me, into my blindspot and right into my carboot.

It was a little traumatic, following as it did three straight nights of broken sleep (it's them damn bad dreams that make TLM scream and yell) and having to turn down a beautiful blood-red party dress that was one size too small. Oh, and TLM in the back seat whining for elderflower cordial and acting like a sleep-deprived little so-and-so.

The car bumper was in a terrible state. But you shoulda seen the other car. It had a big dent on the front left panel, and wide scratchy stripes all down the left side - we're talking three full panels here.

The good news is that I'm fully insured and I won't lose my no-claims bonus.
The bad news is that there is a $300 excess (that's almost a blood-red party dress!).
The good news is that no-one got hurt, the lady driving the other car was very nice about it (probably because it was a company car and not her own), and the boy is looking after me tonight.


Nigel Patel said...

Once had a minor collision with a car full of pot smoking kids.
My car was in a state even before the accident and with the state of these boys they didn't want to hang out and talk to a cop so off they went.
Even though I was the one at fault.

Angela said...

Glad everyone was ok. Any accident s tramatic though.
Good that you are getting a little tlc at ome.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Goodness. Glad no one was hurt.

Desiree said...

Yep, thank God for insurance. I've had a number of accidents over the years, some my fault, some not. Insurance has come to the rescue each time - they've been terrific. One time I wasn't even driving the car - Him Indoors got hit by a lady coming out of an awkward side street and then she admitted her husband didn't like her driving because she kept having accidents!
Does your new dress fit?

Violet said...

nigel: the cars I've banged into (or been banged into) have always been driven by totally sober people who have their own pens.

angela: yeah, it was a bit stressful.

lumpyheadsmom: so am I. TLM was a little traumatised, but so subtley that I thought she was just being overtired and bratty.

desiree: that's not something you should admit eh? about a propensity for driving accidents. I haven't received the bloody dress yet. I've just emailed the seller to chase her up.

Anonymous said...

Poor you! Sounds like you need some chocolates.

Lucky the 'other person' was nice. People tend to get a bit irrational when things like that happen which can be fairly unhelpful. I once bumped into a lady in the carpark when I was at university (we're talking a tiny dent, and probably equally both at fault if not more so her) and she totally did her nut at me.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: if she was that upset, then maybe she was uninsured or it was her dad's/husband's car or something. I hope there was no physical violence involved.

Jonathan said...

I recently had a 'minor collision'...