Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I never knew I was a tomboy

No longer can I sneer at fellow bus passengers caught reading their gossipy women's magazines, the ones filled with useless (and probably less than half-true) information about Brangelina and TomKat. Because I bought one today - willingly parted with four perfectly good dollars for one.

Though I will say in my defense that I didn't buy it to find out whether Madonna and Guy are on the brink of divorce, or what Kelly Osborne is wearing to the school ball.

I bought it because the magazine promised to show me 100 fashion items that would encapsulate the current womenswear trend and not cost a whole mortgage payment each.

All the same, I confessed my guilty purchase to the boy, who comforted me with the words "Don't worry, you're just getting back in touch with your feminine side" and added something about getting myself material for girly bonding. It's true that, until I had TLM, most of my friends were men. Maybe this is a sign that I'm finally ready to have girlfriends.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

After comforting you, did the boy ask for the magazine so he could catch up on all the celebrity gossip himself? Maybe you should put it in the bathroom, so he can read it at his leisure.

Desiree said...

Being fitted for "the dress" the other day wearing little high heels was a larf - I haven't worn little high heels for eons and found it a bit difficult to do the catwalk turn without lurching slightly to the left. I've been stomping about in flat heeled boots and my favourite Colorado weekenders for far too long! But I did feel very feminine standing in front of the mirror - amazing what a bit of drapery and bling does.

Violet said...

lumpyheadsmom: nah, the boy is the only guy I know who really doesn't read women's magazines. Whereas some of them will straight-out ask to read the Cosmo when you're done, 'cos they want to see the sex advice.

desiree: Yeah I reckon I'm destined for life in cuban heels. I can just imagine you stomping down the'd be funny and not completely out of character!