Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A to-do list

There are many things that I really ought to get onto, except they keep getting forgotten in the busy-ness of day-to-day life. So this list really ought to be written in thick marker pen, on an A2 sheet of paper. Some of the items listed have been waiting for months...

  • buy marker pens for the hardcopy of my to-do list
  • Source washable name tags and labels for TLM's stuff that she takes to daycare
  • Get a will
  • Get TLM's Dora the Explorer tent mended (it was only a month old when the air mattress collapsed on us, and we never did find our proof-of-purchase)
  • find someone to clean out the guttering and fix all the water damage to the front porch
  • chase up my ex-workmates at the Bank, and ask them to find me a part-time documentation job.
  • file the stack of old bill statements, which is currently crowding my desk
  • think of wacky things to do, so I have something interesting to blog about in future (this is a nod to nigel patel)
  • donate my unwanted CDs to TLM's daycare (they might like the Hasselhoff I got last Christmas)
  • refresh my undie stock
  • change the bed sheets
  • finish the abstract painting I started in July
  • do something to those high-waisted jeans that I ripped the waistband off of (to allow breathing), so that the top of them doesn't stick out like an extra proboscis.
  • remove the two boxes of unwanted paperbacks from the hallway and take 'em to the Salvation Army store.

    I need you guys to nag me every so often, to remind me to tick something off the list. Okay?

    Ms Mac said...

    I'll do you a bargain: if you take your CDs to daycare and your books to the Salvos, I'll take the bag of clothes to the charity bin and call my friend who moved to another village in April! You do yours and I'll do mine.


    Nigel Patel said...

    Here's a stunt for you. Or me for that mater:
    Find theater people, there are theater people all over the place and some of them are even impressionable young adults, and write them a play.
    Because really, "become a pipe fitter" is such a less pleasant stunt.

    Lumpyheadsmom said...

    Nag nag nag.

    Kellan said...

    That is quite a list - I think you should get out those paints and just work on that painting. Have a good Halloween - see ya.

    Make Tea Not War said...

    You can buy felt tip pens which are for writing on fabric- that's what we do for DOTHs clothing she takes to childcare- much less work than sewing on labels.

    The Editter said...

    Here's an idea: number your list from 1-6 repeatedly (or pick the most important 6 things on your list). Throw a dice. You have to do (one of) the task that matches the number you threw.

    The Sallies will pick up your books - here's the number for the Miramar store 0-4-380-9140.

    Violet said...

    Well, heck - I wasn't expecting this many helpful comments!

    ms mac: Deal :-)

    nigel: it'll take me months to write a play, and it'll probably stink.

    lumpyheadsmom: yes mum.

    kelian: Halloween over here is so boring. A bunch of kids who don't bother dressing up, knocking on the doors of people who pretend to be either deaf or out...

    mtnw: cool. I'll just update my list and exchange "source nametags" for "source fabric pens" ;-)

    editter: that's a great idea. Now I have to add "buy dice" to my to-do list...

    Nigel Patel said...

    But it would be more rewarding, and about just as comical, as pipe fitting would be.
    I've already had a manager at the pizza joint let me know that he would act in my movie "for free".
    He repeated "for free" a few times actually. Now I just have to finish the script.

    Violet said...

    nigel: is it because you told him Halle Berry offered to be the leading lady?