Saturday, October 20, 2007


I guess I spoke too soon when I posted about the end of The Little Madam's separation anxiety.

Recently she's started to get upset when I've left her at daycare, even though for a long time it hadn't been a problem. And it's even worse now that the boy is out of town for business. When I tried to put TLM down for her nap, she cried so hard it made her hiccup and I ended up putting her in her old baby hammock in the lounge (where she slept for a record 2 1/2 hours). She started to do the same thing tonight, but I was firm this time and walked out on her even as she bawled (thankfully she went quiet shortly after.)

On the whole though, I'm not worried about her in the longer term. I have this theory that the clingier they are at age 2, the more likely they'll end up hitchhiking though Africa (or something equally adventurous) at age 22.


ElizaF said...

I can't use the bathroom alone without Miss 2&1/2 running through the house yelling "Mummy, mummy, WHERE are you??!!" But it is not clingyness, oh no. She is afraid there is a party going on somewhere and you are attending it without her.

I am dying for a decent newspaper-reading lenghty poo!

Violet said...

Yeah, TLM would seek me out when I was in the loo, and once I told her exactly what I was doing there she'd be satisfied and leave the room :-)