Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Playing favourites

Now that TLM has grown out of her separation anxiety, her daddy is once again the favoured parent. I can accept that she'd rather play with him than with me, because I can totally understand why. He's so much better at putting on a smile even when he hasn't slept well the night before, or had a bad day at work. Me, I'm no good at putting on masks.

What does annoy me is discovering that, whenever the boy puts TLM down for a nap or bedtime, she goes to sleep without fuss and (for her naps) stays asleep for two hours. When it's my turn, she's likely to get right up and practice walking in a sleeping bag. She's also a lot more likely to not nap at all. (Last Friday, she didn't fall asleep until after we'd been around the zoo - it was about 4.30pm by then, and when she woke up grumpy as hell I realised we'd have been better off letting her stay awake all day.)

So yeah, the boy gets more smiles, elicits better behaviour in the supermarket, and produces longer naptimes. Maybe I should get a job.


Make Tea Not War said...

I really didn't like the extreme "Daddy's girl phase" my daughter went through- I may never forget the screaming tantrum she threw because I passed her her blanket when she wanted DADDY to do it. She's a bit more of a mummys girl now though- so the phase eventually passed.

Angela said...

Luckily I am the favorite parent right now, because I have to be home with him all day. Daddy feels a little put out by this.

Violet said...

mtnw: yeah this is a bit extreme eh. TLM still says "back to mummy" if she does't feel like a daddy cuddle.

angela: it's not because you're at home with him all day. Apparently kids often prefer the at-work parent, just 'cos they see less of him/her.