Monday, June 11, 2007

Moving on

I think this morning's visit to our local library's pre-school storytime will probably be our last for a while. When TLM was younger, she could sit through half an hour of storybooks, either intent on the story itself or interested in all the children around her.

But this morning TLM was clearly uninterested, because she kept trotting back to where I'd parked the buggy and rifling through the nappy bag looking for snacks to eat and zips to play with. Unfortunately, we weren't able to simply leave because the buggy was parked in (because we always seem to be the first to arrive).

So I took her over to one of the library computers, found a children's website and let her loose on the Teletubby game pages. She liked it so much she wouldn't let us leave, even when I wanted to go to the toilet.

And that's how I know that she has moved on from storybooks to computer games. My little girl is growing up, and she's going to be a lot like the boy.


Jon said...

what are zips?

I think I'm at an age where kids still played outside- sure, Nintendo was around in the 80s when I was young, I played outside, got scraped up, and didn't have to wear a helmet while riding my bike down the steep suburban street we lived on at the time.

Leo said...

SHe's growing up.

Violet said...

Jon: oh, TLM likes to play outside too, mostly at those playgrounds with equipment designed for under-twos. But it's winter right now and pretty damned cold.

leo: yep. Not long before she'll want her own mobile phone, and not just to play wth the buttons either.

Angela said...

Have you seen those little computers for kids? They are pretty cool, but I am sure the kids know better. They want the real thing.

Leo said...

Little Miss 10 asked for a mobile phone this week. I just laughed and laughed, she wasn't that amused though..

Violet said...

angela: yeah I've seen 'em, but I reckon she'd prefer the grown-ups version. Unless we find one with Disney Fairies all over it.

leo: even if you don't let her make calls, she'd have fun taking photos with it eh? Or did she want one with an mp3 player?