Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boy in name, boy in nature

When I knew that the boy's birthday was coming up, I decided to simply ask him what he wanted. Whatever I ended up buying him was coming out of his pay packet anyway, so it was better to get him something I knew he'd like.

And do you know what he said to get him?

An XBOX 360 and a game called Guitar Hero II. If you haven't already guessed, the latter comes with a shrunk-down version of those guitars you'll see played by Kiss-inspired bands, in garages all over the world.

And he was very pleased with it. Very pleased indeed.

**As a footnote, I did intend to surprise him with an additional birthday item - a pair of grandpa-style slippers to keep his feet toasty during the long winter nights with the game console. P'raps it's just as well I couldn't find any that were dowdy enough, because he may not have got the joke.


rivergirlie said...

i think the slippers would have been the perfect adjuct. they should sell them together in a package. prepare yourself for some long, blissful evenings of quiet reading!

Violet said...

rivergirlie: well perhaps I'll look a bit harder then. I wonder where I can find some in cowhide, to match mine? ;-)

Determinist said...

Guitar Hero II - did there really, really need to be a number 2?

I don't really know much about it, but have to say, it sounds very silly.

What EXACTLY does it do?

glomgold said...

I've heard many many people rave about Guitar Hero II though supposedly in the Xbox 360 version they make you pay per download of the music tracks that were originally included on the other platforms' versions?

Regarding the "Blog Like It's the End of the World" thing, someone'd sent me a link to other blogs that were doing it. Since it's something I've given thought to in the past, figured "why not?". :)

onscreen said...

to be the boy and have a woman like you...

Nigel Patel said...

I have played Guitar Hero and it's awesome. And I don't even play video games. (at a friend's house)
I'm hoping to get a real guitar to help keep me solid out on the road.

Violet said...

determinist: from what I gather, it's the next logical step up from air-guitar... Or maybe you could ask him yourself ;-)

glomgold: your post was a bit William Burroughs y'know, I couldn't understand it at all!

onscreen: a match made in heaven?

nigel: yeah I reckon it's a game that would make more sense to someone who can actually play guitar. I never got past finger-picking Jingle Bells on my nylon acoustic.

Nigel Patel said...

No, I can't play yet. But the back of a truck might be a good place to learn.