Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going potty

I may be wrong, but I'm getting the feeling that TLM will very soon be ready for potty training. For a while now, she's been telling me when she's got a poo. Sometimes, "I've got a poo" means that there's a little brown deposit in her nappy right now. Other times it seems to mean that there'll be one in a minute. Then there are the time when I have to assume that either she's trying to tell me she's got wees, or that she's having me on.

We've even got the equipment ready. I went out one weekend and spent part of my child-free time searching the perfect potty. What I settled on was a 4-in-1 affair, which combines a step (to reach the sink), a potty, a potty seat which can be transferred to the family toilet, and a lid for the whole lot, which can be used as a child's seat. It's all very high-tech and comes in a very attractive lime green and blue.

But even if TLM might be ready for potty training, I don't feel that I am. From what little I know, that period of toddler development largely consists of (for the parent, anyway): 1. never leaving the house, and 2. even more laundry than you had to do before.

I'm thinking of waiting until she's old enough to train herself.


ElizaF said...

we are at that stage now and I can tell you something else it involves - charging up the stairs after madame after hearing the words "oh-oh" :) E.

Daddy L said...

I feel your pain. The Boy is easily 3:1 on between going in his diaper or on the floor, vs using his potty. After some early success it looks like he's regressing.

It totally sounds like TLM is ready. Go for it. Yeah there's a lot of following her around closely watching, but once she gets it, bye bye diapers.

Kazzer said...

Time to take up the carpets and put hardwood floors down.

Angela said...

good luck!

Jon said...

So has she read 'MIna Unchi', also known in English as 'Everyone Poops'? I always found that book deeply disturbing

Violet said...

elizaf: I guess that puts us at an advantage then, in that we live in a tiny cottage.

daddy l: thing is, in the last couple of weeks she's stopped telling me about her imminent poos. And they are much messier ones too. I want to have a definite plan of attack first, before we start.

kazzer: yeah well, our carpet needs replacing anyway...

angela: thanks, we're gonna need it.

jon: no we haven't read that one. But I recall you mentioning this book before, so it must've made quite an impression on you!