Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Little Pretender

Recently TLM has taken to playing "pretend" games - well, one in particular. She's constantly wanting to be lifted into her cot, where her nanna quilt now lives, and pretending it's bed time. Which sounds like every parent's dream, except she insists on me being in the room with her.

Here's a picture of TLM pretending to do the dishes.


All Blog Spots said...
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sara said...

Short and Sweet - You've been tagged by a faithful reader -- Check out all the details at


Angela said...

So sweet

Kazzer said...

Very cute - can she vacuum and dust too?
p.s. I like her apron!

Violet said...

sara: what? Eight interesting things about myself? When I can think of that many, I'll post 'em ;-)

angela: what can I say?

kazzer: no, but she can mop a little!

Leo said...

This post made that song The Great Pretender jump into my head. I don't mind though, it's a good song..

She is so cute.

glomgold said...

Yes, if you can get her to actually like to do the dishes... several years down the line this little investment will pay off swimmingly!