Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mac Attack

The boy and I had hoped that it had abated, this mysterious energy force in my body which causes our wireless Internet connections to fail.

He thought we couldn't go wrong with a MacBook, because Macs in general have a reputation for being just about fool-proof. But it lasted only a week or so because suddenly it wasn't able to get on the 'Net any more.

So I'm back to very old desktop computer, the one which takes about ten minutes to start up and sends out "overheating" warnings when the room temperature gets over 20 degrees Celsius.

I shouldn't complain, really. Some people have no choice but to blog at work or at the public library.


Determinist said...

You've got a special, electromagnetic field around you that disrupts wireless and watches, cell phones and that kind of thing. I'm sure that's it. ;-)

Violet said...

That's right - there's no other logical explanation for it.