Thursday, April 26, 2007

What I want for Mothers Day

One day TLM will be old enough to celebrate Mothers Day by bringing me burnt toast in bed and giving me a hand-sewn elephant that looks like a rat, but until then I guess the boy will be responsible for trying to make May 13th a memorable one.

There's a chance that he'll get me something geeky and unnecessary like a new Wii game or another brain gym for the Nintendo DS, but you never know. If I can't have the week off, then I'm going to have to think of a list he can pick from:

  • a gym membership, because if I have somewhere to work out I won't be so inclined to use my "free" time shopping for clothes
  • The Buffy Season 8 graphic novel, although he told me himself that it's completely sold out all over the planet
  • a trip to the UK to visit his both family and a host of clothes shops recommended by Trinny and Susannah
  • have framed, some of the better paintings which are hanging around the house
  • a session at a day spa would be nice, but he'd have to organise it for me. It's also have to specialise in hypoallergenic treatments.
  • his blessing that I can do whatever study I like, whether it be creative writing or how to be a papparazzi, regardless of it's usefulness in bringing home additional bacon
But if none of the above are do-able, then I suppose I could be content with a massive sleep-in.


Make Tea Not War said...

Funnily enough I'm thinking about doing a creative writing course next year. Massey have got one that you can do extramurally. It is an introductory course that can lead on to other more specialised ones like writing for children or biography or advanced fiction

Make Tea Not War said...

PS. If you get the Season 8 graphic novel I want to borrow it!!

Violet said...

yeah I saw that. I'm no good at making up stories though, so I never considered actually doing any.

There's not much chance of getting the Buffy novel, unless someone who has one of those rare beasts photocopies the whole thing and send it to the boy!

glomgold said...

Ooo, Nintendo Wii games! I gotta git me one of those systems...