Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long time no post. Also, a bad date.

I've been busy, see. Now that my mum is recuperating at my brother's place, we seem to be spending most of our time there, just to enable my sister-out-law to get out of the house occasionally. The good thing about it is that TLM has been spending lots more time with her cousins who, at 6 and nearly 3, are great playmates for her.

Anyway, this, and the fact that TLM's sleeps have been a bit disrupted and therefore I spend her naptimes catching up on my own sleep, mean that I've no time to blog.

I never told you what the boy and I got up to last Friday, did I? The ex-nanny arrived at 7pm. I didn't want to get ambitious with the night out, so I suggested we have a nice meal at a local eatery. We ended up at Planet Spice, an Indian restaurant which has had great reviews. I ordered the Goan fish curry, which was yumarama. But it went right through me, and our romantic stroll turned into a white-knuckle hobble-race back home to the toilet. It was just as well it wasn't our first date.


Daddy L said...

I remember a first date with the girlfriend before I met my wife. We were having a romantic evening at my place, she went to the bathroom, couldn't find the light switch, but went inside anyways.

A few minutes later she emerge and we resumed our make-out session.

The next morning I drove her to work, can back home to shower and discovered that she had vomitted all down the back of the toilet! I cleaned it up and never mentioned it.

Who says love isn't blind?

Violet said...

Eeew! Surely you'd have smelled or tasted vomit on her afterwards?

Angela said...

Yucky first date and rushing to the bathroom is no fun