Monday, April 23, 2007

Going for the lowest common denominator

If you were a member of your child's daycare centre's fundraising committee, and you had to choose a new or yet-to-be-released film to show at a fundraising movie night, which film would you choose?

I would have thought that Pirates of the Caribbean III would have been a good bet, because it's just about the most mainstream movie I can think of. Certainly not Becoming Jane, which sounds like something only Jane Austen addicts would bother with, nor Spiderman III, which sounds like something you'd show at a Geek's Night or something.

You wouldn't want to screen Pan's Labyrinth because it's too dark and weird (while I would go and see it because it's dark and weird), but on the other hand maybe we shouldn't assume that our potential ticketbuyers can't handle anything edgy.

What would you pick?


Laura said...

You're right, PoC III is probably the safest bet.

Of course, you could always go for a Disney classic or movie that people can bring their kids to (playcentre supporting families etc.) - but they may not be options.

Determinist said...

Take a look at up coming movies on

"Stardust" looks pretty good, just as geeky as Spiderman III, but less obvious. :-)

Daddy L said...

Does it have to be a new movie? If not The Incredibles is a decent movie that kids and adults will enjoy.

Kids will be attending? So dramas are out, and no gratuitous violence or swearing either? Geeze that rules out 99% of the movies we watch.

Transamerica, Saving Face, History of Violence, Murderball, Nacho Libre are all recent favourites of ours, but there ain't nuthin' there for the kids.

Leo said...

Out of those I would like to see all of them (yes, I am a Jane Austen addict) but they are all very niche. Perhaps something more general like Casino Royale, The Departed or The Queen?

Violet said...

thanks for your suggestions, folks. The cinemas we approached all have evening weekday sessions only, available for fundraising. So that pretty much rules out most of the family movies but allows for the movies of more "adult" content. On the other hand, we don't want anything too distturbing...

Also, I reckon a preview screening would be more popular, because no-one can say they've already seen it!

Stardust might be good - though I have to admit I only got through the first chapter of the book!

flying kiwi said...

The last fundraiser movie I went to was Marie Antoinette. It was hideous.

If you don't want disturbing, stay away from Pan's Labyrinth, but you must see this movie some other time if you haven't already - I found it fascinating!