Saturday, April 14, 2007

The forgotten underwear

My sock and underwear drawer is full to the brim, yet every morning I have the hardest time finding suitable items to clothe my various bits. Some of the fault lies in the fact that, these days, it's pretty damned dark at 6.30am. But I'm afraid that most of the responsibility lies with my reluctance to part with sock widows, bras with over-stretched straps, and un-homely knickers.

When I got home this afternoon from a sock-buying mission, I decided to clear the undies drawer once and for all.

Digging into the deeper recesses of that drawer was a bit of an eye-opener. I had completely forgotten just how many pairs of pantyhose had been tucked into the far corner - it's been an awfully long time since I bothered putting those on (it's just easier not to, not least because it means I can go longer without trimming my toenails). There were many, many pairs of g-string undies too. In the old days, when I was single and on the prowl, the g-string was an essential item for wearing under firm-fitting trousers and skirts if you didn't want to be subject to the dreaded VPL. These days, I've learned that jeans with back pockets in the right place hide VPL very, very well.

Removing unwanted stuff from their usual habitat is one thing, actually binning them for good is another. I've probably thrown half of it out, but the rest is still in really good condition so it's in my blanket chest until I get in the mood for minimal underwear again.

By the time I was done with my drawer, it was looking pitifully empty. I think it's telling me to stock up on underwear.


Laura said...

Bras with over-stretched straps are supposed to be bad for the bosom - in that they don't offer sufficient support. Think of them as an investment in your future, so to speak!

Nigel Patel said...

"Sock widows"! Great term!
As a lad in the eighties my mum kept buying me those athletic sock with the colored stripes that would only match each other the very first wearing.
I always worry they'll be back IN what with nostalgia and all.
ST has always pinned her socks together. I think that's very odd indeed and I hope I didn't just betray a confidence there.

Violet said...

laura: what I should really do is sew them into little handbags and sell 'em at a craft market - I saw how to do that on tv one morning!

nigel: I've heard of that - pinning your socks together. What I usually do is just buy socks in one colour so I can re-match them.

Angela said...

Messy drawers it is hard to keep them organized

Violet said...

angela: I wouldn't mind having some drawer dividers, to keep the knickers from the socks etc, but maybe that's a bit too middleclass?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

It's like you're in my head!

I have three different sizes of undies in rotation right now, with a box of the "currently too big but will fit again the minute I stop nursing" beside my dresser (because the drawer was getting too full).

Violet said...

lumpyheadmom: I was astonished that my bra size was exactly the same after breastfeeding ended, as it had been before TLM was even half-divided bunch of cells. But even though I'm the same size, the contents look a whole lot sadder than before...