Monday, June 20, 2005

just about crippled

I don't know why exactly, but the ache in my groin which finally made me swap walking home from work for busing, has gotten much worse. A couple of times over the weekend I could hardly walk because it hurt so much.

Yesterday I decided it was time to stop accompanying my mother on her slow stroll around the supermarket, because of the effect on my lower back. She was happy to wander about on her own, once I'd driven her there, and find me waiting outside for her on the bench.

Unfortunately, the bench is one of those hard, metal ones - and it's on a slope, so I must've unconsciously been using my bum muscles to avoid sliding down the bench. Anyway, it was soon after this that it started to hurt like it had never hurt before.

So at tomorrow's appointment with the midwife, I'm going to ask for some physiotherapy.


EB said...

How awful for you, maybe its time for someone to be giving you lifts more. Can someone else like your brother maybe, help mum do the shopping instead? Hope the physio helps.

Violet said...

I've got the boy giving me a lift into work, but I still prefer to make my own way home by bus...I'm too stingy to take taxis so often, plus I like to get some exercise. But yeah, the bro will be doing more than his usual share in a week or so.

glomgold said...

This just sounds grueling for you!