Saturday, January 10, 2004

A work day in the life of a librarian-in-training

I just found out what time my classes will be for my first MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies).

Fortunately, its at 9am, which means I can go to my class, then drive straight to work afterwards. This, as opposed to the idea of driving allllll the way to UH and then driving alllll the way back into the City for the class, then driving alllll the way back to UH to finish the working day - you get the idea.

There's a young guy who comes into the library quite regularly - an ultra-clever 14 year-old who's been banned from our computers because he's notorious for working around the in-built restrictions which prevent normal patrons from accessing the Internet freely (without paying).

He knows I'm a soft-touch 'cos I'm newish (been there 5 months) and not yet sufficiently fed up with his cheekiness to tell him off when I should. He's likeable y'see, and intelligent. I respect intelligent people and if they're likeable as well, its hard to be hard on 'em.

As for my progress on getting my heavy vehicle driving licence - I've booked myself in for the written test for this coming Wednesday. Once I pass that, I get a learner's licence. That means I'll be let loose on the library bus - with an instructor anyway. What worries me is that the first thing I'll have to do is back the thing out of the garage.

The bus fits the garage like the meat in a sausage roll fits in the pastry. Not one of those dried-out sausage rolls you see sitting, rejected, late in the day in a cafe. I mean those sausage rolls fresh out of the oven, pastry clinging to the filling like ...umm...a clingy thing.....

We went to a birthday/New Year party last night. The first part for ages - that's right, we did not party over Xmas and New Year, sad isn't it?

Great party anyway. The kind where you know and love most of the people there, and the others are really friendly and interesting so it doesn't matter that you have no idea who they are.

Then I got lost on the way home.

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