Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I get to eat out for lunch

My friend Raych was back in New Zealand for Christmas and New Year. She's been in Columbia working on her PhD and will soon be heading off to Berkeley where she's got funding to do more research (don't ask me what its on - something about geographical/demographic information systems).

So for the first time since starting this job last July, I get to go out to lunch with a friend. Actually, two friends and a 3-year-old. Even better, I was shouted food and drink.

A bit of a relief, actually, even the sandwiches are about seven bucks.

It gets a bit socially boring for me out here, in UH. All my friends work in the City, so it's too far for them or I to go just for lunch - its a 45 minute drive each way, with parking anxiety thrown in if you're heading into the City.

I get a bit more reading done I suppose. I keep suggesting to my workmates that we at the library should have paid reading time during the day, to allow us to keep up with the collection.

Its falling on deaf ears though.

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