Sunday, January 04, 2004

End of Hols. Boo

After almost two weeks off work, I've already started thinking about work again (I'm back in tomorrow). Not that work is so bad. Its just so much more fun when I don't. I'm probably speaking for a fair few people out there....

I've been reading the NZ Sunday Star Times, which is our version of all the great Sunday papers available in the UK (but nowhere near as physically big). There is a bit of a feature on how time-poor double-income families are. I don't even have kids myself (but I do have a mother, that might count), and I feel time-poor. And I haven't even started my Masters yet (which I'll be doing part-time). Maybe I'm just sick and tired of working, and it wasn't just a matter of finding my vocation after all.

Before I left my IT job a few years ago, I asked myself what I what do if I won Lotto. My answer, when I was still single, was that I would travel the world until the money ran out. Now that I'm not, the answer would be to live my life out as a perpetual (but rich) student. I'd study whatever the hell I felt like, without caring about how it would affect my job prospects.

Of course, I haven't gotten around to buying Lotto so there's zero chance of winning millions. Damn that sensible, non-gambling gene!

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