Thursday, January 15, 2004

A weekend in the mountains, and preparations for Chinese New Year

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. We're joining a large group of friends, aquaintances and strangers, at a tramping club lodge which is approximately 5 1/2 hours drive from home.

There'll be walks, chats, party games, communal meals, quiet reading times and opportunities for drawing and photography - and no work until Tuesday.

Plus its a cheap weekend away, with no chance of frittering away hard-earned dosh on unnecessary stuff like DVDs and such like.

I've been organising a display for the library, to celebrate Chinese New Year. I have to admit that my personal experience of this festival is - lots of food, especially the kind particular to New Year, and receiving 'lucky money'. Giving away money and displaying food wouldn't really work at a public library, would it?

So I sourced a few small Chinese lanterns, a Good Luck poster (bright red and gold and glittery - that shamelessly tacky style done so well in Hong Kong), and some lucky money envelopes. I've collected a few library books on all things Chinese - New Year, cooking, astrology, ink painting, calligraphy...even a biography claiming to cover a period of 900 years (must get around to reading it). Might even try to get hold of some Amy Tan books or similar.

Being the first time I've ever organised a library display, I'll be sure to take photos of the end result, for my CV.....

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