Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I take a walk on the wilder side

Or, if you're a bit worldlier than me, a walk on the less tame side....

Last weekend we went to the Cosmic Corner shop to have a bit of a browse, and left with 2 purchases which put a grin on my face :

1. a small black t-shirt with a picture of a small, angular feline and the words 'Bad Kitty' underneath. It's sort of naughty, but in a subtle way. I wore it to work yesterday, wondering whether it would get any comments. The first 2 people to say anything about it were men. The other person was a young, pierced, belly-dancing fellow library-assistant. Not as subtle as I thought?

2. Some 'herbal highs' - 2 capsules per packet. These are supposed to either mellow you out or hype you up, depending on the label. I tried one of the mellow ones, and sure enough I did feel mellow all afternoon. But then, one can't be sure the effect isn't purely psychological. My boy had one of the speed-like capsules, and claimed to feel more 'up' afterwards.

To make this more scientific, we're going to have to try them a few more times.

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