Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My traitorous health needs

I wouldn't be a very good ambassador for New Zealand. I don't like rugby, don't drink beer, can't wear wool and am a bit iffy about dairy products.

In fact, if I had to shop locally-made only and eschew all foreign-made products, I would probably be in big shit.

Because New Zealand doesn't produce cotton, acrylic, linen, bamboo, rayon, tencel or any of those other itch-free fibres. Nor does it (as far as I know) produce soy milk. So I would live out my life scratching and hoiking. Not a pretty picture, eh?

And my GP pooh-poohed all those eco-friendly enzyme-based laundry powders, because they are not very safe for sensitive skin.

I know it's not very PC to say so, but thank goodness for man-made substitutes (even though I dearly wish I could take advantage of those cuddly merino yarns).


donnasoowho said...

I don't like rugby or drink beer either (ha ha, or even live in NZ). It's funny wot your GP says about the laundry liquid cause I"ve noticed that's totally what they play up for your bebe - only use natural eco friendly products cause they're best for baby skin!

Nigel Patel said...

I was a soy baby, I guess I would have been SOL in NZ.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: yeah there's a lot of assuming that just 'cos it's natural, then it must be better for you than something that isn't.

nigel: I guess the number of people who could qualify as true-blue rugby-watching, wool-wearing, milk-drinking Kiwis is actually quite low.