Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A head full of knits

It's definitely an obsession, this knitting hobby thingy I've adopted. For some reason, once I sit down to put together some rows of Slytherin colour, I find it very very hard to stop.

I have already printed out half a dozen patterns for cardigans and jumpers - though to be honest that was partly because my printer ran out of colour ink and I mistakenly replaced the black and white ink instead, and now I have to use up the old black and white because I have already removed the seal from the new black and white cartridge.

The big plus is that, when I had to take my mum to a hospital appointment, the thought of being in the waiting room for up to three hours was not as stressful as it would have been if I did not have a bagful of forest green merino yarn to work with. It also means that I can be work on a garment even if I only have ten minutes spare - something that was pretty much out of the question when I was the sewing queen.

Of course it's only a matter of time before the lack of reasonably-priced non-wool yarn, a fashion swing away from home knits, and a surplus of over-sized chunky knits in my wardrobe drives me away from my new-found past time. But until then, it is my way of zoning out and that's gotta be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

The thing I notice with knitting is there is always plenty of ugly wool on sale but the nice wool never is. There are worse and more expensive obsessions I'm sure - like cocaine?

A said...

If you get bored of knitting I must say I like to zone out making cross stitch bookmarks. They are small and inexpensive and you can always give them as presents.

Desiree said...

My cross stitch obsession currently precludes me from taking it anywhere to work on as it's a huge project (approx. size of one of your small paintings).

BTW your tension looks good :-)

Violet said...

donnasoowho: that certainly seemed to be the case at this sale!

A: for the time being, at least, I am still garment-focused. But if I come across a cross-stitch pattern that might look good on the front of a cardigan, then I might try it :-)

Desiree: you just need a bigger bag ;-)

Friendless said...

Violet, I'm not the least bit interested in knitting and you're not the least bit interested in board games, but I do find your serial obsessions to be disturbingly close to my reality. I've blogged about my experiences here:


May you always be obsessed by something really really interesting :-).