Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too hot to handle

So this morning TLM and I had chores to do in the local shopping area, and then for a treat I took her to MacD's for a hot chocolate.

In any normal cafe she'd get a fluffy (warm milk fluffed to look like a bland cappucino, plus marshmallows). But she wanted hot chocolate this time.

So I ordered her one, and a soy latte for myself.

TLM was very patient, waiting for her treat to arrive - it was pretty busy in there, even in the McCafe.

Then it arrived, and  TLM decided she was "not sure about" the dark swirls of chocolate sauce on top.
So I scooped it up and disposed of it (into my mouth).
Then she decided she wasn't sure about the drink itself.
So she ate the accompanying marshmallows while I drank her hot chocolate.

Funnily enough I got the impression that they'd put soy milk in the choc drink rather than in my latte - which explained TLM's lack of enthusiasm.

At this point I should've just taken her drink back. But no, I ordered her a fluffy instead. Just so she would have a drink she was sure about, while I tried to finish her hot choc and my latte.

Then the fluffy arrived. It burned her mouth. Who'd have thought that anyone could possibly serve a  drink that's designed for littlies, super-heated? It was really, really hot - healthy and safety kinda hot.

So then I had to ask for some cold water for her poor scalded lips.  And that's the drink she was sure about.

Not much of a treat for her really.


Anonymous said...

That's a very sad story. I'm not sure what is more evil - a scalding fluffy or a soy hot chocolate... (eow!).

Nigel Patel said...

What horrible service.

Antoinette said...

Sorry for her! There was a whole lawsuit thing in the U.S. years ago, where a woman sued McDonald's for scalding her mouth with hot coffee. Hope your little one isn't emotionally scarred for life!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: Actually I didn't mind the soy latte, but evidently TLM is much more of a purist...

nigel: I'm sure they would have sorted it out if I'd just complained about the wrongful soy use in the first place. So it's partly my fault.

Antoinette: yeah that news story went around the world! Normally we hear the really silly lawsuit stories, but this one I can sympathise with!