Saturday, June 26, 2010

stranger danger

Something happened to me the other day that has made me re-consider my fashion choices.

I was walking to the bus stop in the morning. It was, as usual for this time of year, cold and drizzly - so I was forced to abandon my lovely winter coat and instead wear a dark blue waterproof parka (men's size M) over a merino & possum fur cardigan. There was a dress under there somewhere too, as well as my trusty opaque black tights and my super-comfy (but slightly school-girlish) flat black shoes with criss-cross strap.

And a man leaned out of his car window on the other side of the road, and said "Hey where are you going?". He may have said "baby" somewhere in that sentence. If he didn't then it really sounded like he meant to.

Of course, I turned around and replied "why do YOU want to know?" and carried on down the hill.

But I do wonder whether he thought I was a little girl.

And by the way, I finished the pinky purple scarf. TLM has already worn in twice, even though I have yet to tidy up all the loose bits of yarn hanging off it. Next up, a Sytherin scarf for the boy!


donnasoowho said...

Creepy - or do you think perhaps he could have mistaken you for someone he knows? Scarf looks good!

Violet said...

It's possible I suppose, but then it would be a far less interesting story. I much prefer to make it all about me :-)
Cheers about the scarf!