Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our battery collection

For months now, I've been avoiding putting our used up batteries into the household rubbish - because somewhere, I read or heard that those things are full of heavy metals and ought to be disposed of in a special way. So I hung up a plastic shopping bag to collect them, fully intending to find out where they should go and then taking them there.

The bag has gotten pretty heavy by now, and the boy voiced fears that it can't be healthy having a big bag full of toxic thingamies hanging around in the kitchen. So I finally got around to going on the 'Net to find out what I'm supposed to do with it.

And it turns out that there is nowhere nearby that recycles them.

So into the kitchen bin they go.


Charlie Anonymous said...

Compact florescent light bulbs are a problem too. (Mercury)

Determinist said...

I have left them at the Trash Palace and recycling depot in Porirua. They seem to take everything.

Violet said...

Nigel: oh yeah, it was the compact ones I meant.

Determinist: Porirua is too far away!