Monday, October 05, 2009

A Dora bill

Oh yeah, and here is a photo of TLM in her Dora skirt - which she is wearing with Dora socks.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! TLM will be modelling in Farmers catalogues in no time.

Charlie Anonymous said...

Did you make the skirt and socks?
Sock making sounds really difficult.

Antoinette said...

Obvz. never too much Dora in one's life.

Angela said...

I am sure she is loving her skirt

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I have often thought about living off the proceeds off TLM's child-modelling work, but unfortunately being a stage parent is probably a full-time job.

nigel: just the skirt.It is basically a rectangle of fabric that was sewn down one side, had elastic inserted at one end and machined hemmed at the other. A piece of cake and it shows too!

Antoinette: no there isn't - she has Dora themed pjs, lunch box, socks, shoes, slippers and beach towel.

angela: actually she is more into dresses right now, and mostly only the pink ones.