Friday, October 16, 2009

I been exercising

On Wednesday evening, in between driving 'round to my mum's to dial up her insulin pens and having dinner, I managed a 20 minute session on the Wii Fit (and I did another 30 minutes tonight).

And I might be hooked. It's really fun, and some of it even feels like exercise (inasmuch as it works my muscles and I feel a little tired afterwards). With Wii Fit you get yoga, muscle workout, cardio, balance games and some other games which I forget what they're for.

My favourite exercise is still the yoga. But my favourite game is the downhill skiing. I still can't do the whole run without ramming into at least four flags.

The board records my every movement, so I know that my left side is way weaker than my right (which is interesting because I'm a leftie so my left ought to be stronger). It feels good that my balance is apparently pretty good and my lunges are better than the lunges of a middle-aged woman who hasn't been to the gym in four years.

Maybe the novelty value will wear off eventually, and maybe I'll soon reclaim these evenings for sewing. But I aim to make the most of that novelty for as long as I can.


Antoinette said...

I played Wii Sports all summer, when it was too hot to be outside, and the tennis gave me bigger biceps than a semester of small weights, 3 x week, in my college aerobics class. Given the choice between Wii and nothing, and I think the Wii sports/ fitness options are a much better choice. :)

Nigel Patel said...

Your off hand is always the stronger one. It's for coarse adjustment, whereas your dominant hand is for fine adjustment.
I like using people's Wii Fit but I can't bring myself to buy a game system.

Angela said...

Sounds like fun.
They should have a pretend hospital for people who run into too many trees

Determinist said...

Can't afford a wii, so go to my wife's yoga class (she teaches) and running - cheap-as.

Violet said...

determinist: I'd run, except my knees and hips are dodgy. And I'd be too self conscious to huff n puff in jogging gear.