Monday, October 12, 2009

Another year older

Apparently people at my work are allowed to take the day off on their birthday, but I didn't because I had taken so much time off sick already this year. Then on the weekend my thoughtless sibling told me I had to take my mum to her follow-up appointment with the eye specialist this afternoon.

So, my birthday today was full of joyful activities such as:

1. a long staff meeting, followed by a panicky hour of cramming work in and then
2. 2 hours of sitting, zombie-like, in a public hospital waiting room (for a 2 minute consultation) and then
3. feeling slightly guilty for not going back to work for that last hour of my working day, because all that spring air was giving me a sinus headache.

But the boy and TLM did give me some lovely artistic birthday presents:
1. a tiny wee dolly made by a ceramics artist (because I told him that I never had dollies when I was a kid)
2. a bright red t-shirt, one size too small (but with a beautiful screenprint on it - it just needs to be bigger and blacker, really)
3. a hand-made mug, to go with some bowls by the same artist that I got for Christmas last year
4. and a lovely hand-made birthday card created by TLM, who may or may not be an artist but sure has the right amount of flakiness.

Oh, and a birthday muffin (that is, a cake. Just in case you were thinking that was a euphemism).


Amanda said...

A very happy birthday to you Violet! The sinus headache, meeting and hospital visit do not sound fun but the presents sound good and the day is not over yet so I hope the remaining few hours are fun.

Deborah said...

Happy birthday!

I always get home made cards from my girls too. They're very special.

Anonymous said...

Oh but 'birthday muffin' sounds so much better if I think it's a euphemism. Sorry to hear that your birthday was slightly poo. But there's always next year!

Nigel Patel said...

Happy birthday!

Antoinette said...

Happy birthday! Hope you take some extra time this weekend to celebrate. Grab that red t-shirt, cut a scrap of black knit fabric 3" wide and the length of your shirt, cut the red shirt along center back, and sew in that black strip. Problem solved and you have a birthday shirt you can wear!

Kazzer said...

Happy Birthday Violet. Do you have those brilliant parties any more, or is it not the same since I left?

Violet said...

Thanks, nice comments do make a pooey birthday less so.
Antoinette: I wouldn't even think of cutting into a brand new t-shirt. It would have to hang in my wardrobe for at least 6 months, and if it still hasn't been worn then I'll refashion it!

kazzer: nah, it just ain't worth having a party if you can't turn up a week early for it ;-)

Pollyanna_H said...

Happy birthday Violet - and I'm sure this augurs well for the rest of the year - nowhere to go but up!

Violet said...

pollyanna_h: thanks!

Angela said...

Happy belated birthday
Sounds like all a birthday should be.