Monday, April 20, 2009

Mirror mirror

Although my phone has a very good camera, there's one thing it cannot do that my old digital camera did very well - and that's timed self portraits. Even if I were to one day discover a timer on the camera menu, there is no way I could get the thing to stay upright by itself. So, for now, there will be now more photos of my backside.

This is my finished Burda dress (I made the view illustrated by the brown dress in the link). Actually, I still have to trim the excess off the hem and I might redo the sleeve binding too. But it's more-or-less finished.
I fear that there is far too much skin on show here, so I might prefer to wear it over a more modest top, like so.

Do I like it? Kinda. I'm just glad it's finished really, because unfinished work always bugs me.

By the way, if you want to read the gory details of this garment's construction ("Make it work!") just click on the Pattern Review icon over on the right.


Laura said...

It's a really great dress - but don't wear the top underneath it! A cute cardi would cover you up (tho you don't need to cover up, honest).

Violet said...

Really? I know that top is a bit high-necked, but I reckon if I can find a black scoopneck to wear under it I won't have to worry about displaying cleavage wrinkles!

Nigel Patel said...

When you finish a project like this do you leave it to stay finished or do you continue to tweak at it somewhat obsessively*?
*Which is what I would do if I made clothes.

Antoinette said...

This is a great little pattern, and it has made a wonderful dress! It looks from thousands of miles away like the dress has a normal scoop but is very wide, which can cause some gaping at the front. But that neckline is just inches away from your face so you know best! :)

I like the layered look, and you might also sew in a mock layer to raise the neckline and look as though you are wearing a shirt underneath.

Great choice on the fabric, too! Love seeing what you sew!

PBS said...

That is a beautiful dress and I like it with or without a layer underneath! How warm are the temps there? It would make a great summer dress!

Violet said...

nigel: If it were a painting I would tweak it until I ran out of paint. But because sewing requires more bits 'n' pieces I tend not to tweak clothes. Also, some fabrics don't take kindly to being resewn.

antoinette: The great thing about this neckline is that, despite it's scoopiness and wideness, it doesn't gape on me at all. Not sure why. Thanks for the great idea to sew in a mock layer. I might sew up a detachable one, but then I'd have to sew up some arm warmers too...

PBS: thank you, you're too kind! The temperature varies a bit, anywhere between 10 and 19 degrees Celsius this time of year.