Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I haven't called

It's because:
1. the room where my laptop lives is bloody freezing, while the lounge is lovely and cosy,
2. the wireless Internet connection is so crappy that, when I do take the laptop next door into the lovely and cosy lounge, I'm likely to lose my Internet connection within about ten minutes (tonight it lasted about 3 mins).

There's also the small matter of leading a not particularly blog-worthy life, though this doesn't usually hold me up for long. It's the technical frustration that really gets to me.


Nigel Patel said...

This has been a bad season for machines.
I'm not above burning a candle to Appella, the computer godess.
And maybe the patron saint of auto mechanics too.

Make Tea Not War said...

Our wireless has been utter crap recently so you are not the only one. We are with Xtra-maybe the problem lies with them. Of course it didn't help that for awhile we were accidentally using the neighbours internet. Oops. Why they hadn't password protected their network I don't know.

Angela said...

You always have something good to say if only a few words.
And with TLM I am sure she creates stories.

My excuse I have been tired.


Violet said...

nigel: I don't know of this deity. Now would definitely be the right time to start worshipping her tho eh?

mtnw: and I thought it was because we were with TelstraClear!

angela: You're the one who always has something good to say :-) And your excuse is that you were having a lovely holiday!

Jon said...

Oh, the difference in hemispheres. Well, it's about 80 F and humid :-) Of course, when it's miserably dry and cold here, I'll be reading your blog and thinking of summer

Violet said...

jon: well humid isn't that great either..