Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's a baking crisis

It'll be TLM's happy-last-day at her current daycare, in less than two weeks. In that time I have to think of a present to get for the daycare (perhaps one of those Babette Cole books?) and make a cake for them all to celebrate with.

One of the other kids there has a dairy intolerance, so I thought I'd use the vinegar cake recipe (it's also known as depression cake - hopefully not because there's not enough chocolate in it to make you feel good) because it's dairy-free and egg-free (so I can eat some too). I was planning to make cup cakes from the recipe, and decorate them with M and Ms.

There's a hitch though. TLM doesn't like the test cake I made advance. It might possibly be because she's got that gastro-enteritis that's currently making the rounds amongst the local young. But maybe not, because the runny tummy really did not put TLM off eating her chocolate flavoured Blue's Clues yoghurt (which isn't even really yoghurt, by the way).

I can't make a cake for TLM that she won't even eat, right?
So does anyone have a kiddie-friendly non-dairy cupcake recipe, that doesn't require exotic ingredients or an electric mixer?


Laura said...

I love that recipe! Try adding a good whack of cinnamon (like a tablespoon - I know it sounds like a lot, but it isn't really) and maybe some orange zest as well. (If the recipe doesn't already say, you should add some vanilla essence too.) They help to sweeten the cake up without actually adding any sugar and messing with the chemistry of it all.

Make Tea Not War said...

I made these for Z's last b'day party


and the kids devoured them. I made them quite small in my mini sized muffin tins & I used a lot of icing since that is what (most) kids like best about cakes. Also I was having an absent minded day when I made them and I forgot to add the cocoa so they weren't chocolate flavoured- but still a hit

Nigel Patel said...

You could make a few different small cakes I suppose.

sewfunky said...

I have a recipe on my recipe blog for some YUMMY dairyfree cupcakes...


Violet said...

laura:yeah, I like the cake too, tho I find it sticks to my throat a little as it goes down. TLM doesn't like cinnamon, but maybe I should just make 'em small and add tons of icing on top!

mtnw: I've seen that one. It looks pretty damned good - but there are so many ingredients I'd have to buy especially for it! But I like your cake:icing ratio so I'll try that.

nigel: no I couldn't.

sewfunky: Your recipe is really similar to mine, but mine has no mixed spice and no soy milk. I don't normally buy soy milk, but I do already have mixed spice so that's worth a try.