Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evil sugar

Not that I've done extensive research into it, but I'm convinced that this family's sweet tooth is behind our weakness against winter bugs. I've read somewhere that sugar impedes your immune system, and my naturopathic friend (her with the daughter - same age as TLM - who has never had to visit her doctor) confirms this. Only a week after the runny-bum virus, TLM now has the latest cold, complete with phlegmy cough and high temperature. I blame it on her twin loves - chocolate and lollipops.

She is now so hooked on all things chocolatey and sweet that the very thought of weaning her of them is enough to make me give up before I've started. Apparently carob powder and applesauce are healthier subsitutes, but that would mean making our own sweets i.e. giving up Blue's Clues custard, chocolate fingers and other shop-bought stuff.

Diet sweeteners, I'm sure, are not the answer - especially for a little kid.


Nigel Patel said...

Just reading this is making me crave sweets.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

When we open the cupboard where Bump keeps the M&Ms, Lula bounces up and down so forcefully in her high chair that it lurches across the floor. If we have the nerve to open the cupboard for something other than M&Ms for her, she gets angry. Very, very angry.

BTodger said...

Custard squares are out then?


Violet said...

nigel: don't do it!

lumpyheadsmom: the strength of their desire is kinda frightening eh?

btodger: only until after TLM goes to bed.

Kazzer said...

Diet sweeteners have other health risks. The whole thing is a minefield.

Violet said...

kazzer: yeah I know. Thank the gods I'm not also trying to lose weight!