Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I really must be getting way too used to being at work during the day, because today, on my non-working day, TLM was home with suspected gastro-enteritis and it was The. Longest.Day.
She's actually been pretty well today, but the weather wasn't outing-friendly and anyway you're supposed to wait 48 hours before you let your previously runny-bummed child back into public spaces.

We were both stir-crazy, and in the end we made a quick trip to the shops, just for a change of scenery and a pack of Huggies. Unfortunately, TLM has learned that every supermarket checkout is well-endowed with all sorts of tooth-rotting sweetness. "Lollipop!" she panted triumphantly, as though expecting me to reward her for such a clever discovery. Afterward, during the obligatory detour to the playground, she demanded her lollipop. I told her no, they're not for every day, they're bad for your teeth. "No!" she replied, "they're good for you!" Amazing how advanced a child's language skills become when they're fighting for their treats.

Any passing parent would probably have known better, but those tears she cried, it could've been the end of the world.

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Angela said...

Yes we had one of those fits over a stinking train sticker.

Luckily I was at home.