Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is this why they call it the arsenic hour?

It seems, these days, that every time the boy gets home from work he is greeted by a naughty child and her tense mother (i.e. TLM and me). I worry that he must think the two of us spend all day getting grumpy with each other. That usually isn't the case though - the mornings are usually great fun; then TLM refuses to nap, so that neither of us get time out; then TLM gets over-tired and naughty; I get pissed off and wish I could still hold my liquor.

Take today, for instance. We had a great morning over at a friend's house, playing with her two boys and eating gourmet hot cross buns. Then TLM spent an hour of naptime calling for me and banging on her cot wall, while I lay on the couch with my eyes shut. The rest of the afternoon I was busy scraping poo off her undies (twice) and replacing the couch cover that she weed on. (While she didn't manage to foretell a need for the potty, she was sly enough to cover the puddle with a cushion, and go sit on the other couch).

Then the boy came home full of cheer and affection; the li'l girl lapped it up, but I had a headache.

Happy Easter (if that's appropriate. Maybe I ought to be offering commiserations for Friday and Happy Resurrection on Sunday).


Nigel Patel said...

My mother loves Easter and refers to that hairy, beardy dude as "Our King".
At least I'm polite enough not to say "Your King," out loud.

Angela said...

And another reason why potty training is a pain in the bottom

Hope you have a good easter weekend

Violet said...

nigel: You're a good son.

angela: yeah it's a shitty job.