Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 angsts for the price of one

Are they going to ask me back for that third and (hopefully) final interview, or what? Will they offer me the job? And, now that my once-exciting idea of working 20 hrs/wk has morphed into a monstrous 4 x 8hr days/wk (supply and demand, folks. Supply and demand) will I still want it?

The medium-term childcare situation is looking good - TLM has a confirmed space at a place which is yet to be built (but it's only 2 part-days per week), and another at a place which can offer 4 full days from mid-June. But TLM would be in care for 10 hours a day, and that's a long day to be in the company of 20 or more other screaming kids (isn't it? Or do kids actually like it?)

And - assuming I do get the job - I still don't have an answer for short-term childcare (because TLM is at a mornings-only place).

And anyway, why am I losing sleep over childcare cover, when instead I can lose sleep over whether I'll get the job and whether I even want to be working those hours? Wait, I already am - over all of these things.


Angela said...

You did not need any sleep did you?
I had the prechildcare worries too, well I had all those worries before I got my job.

Just have a nice glass of wine and pass out

Violet said...

If only I could just have a glass of wine and pass out! Wine would only make my face go bright red, and bring on my asthma.

Make Tea Not War said...

I think children do enjoy being with other children once they get closer to 3. Of course there are ups and downs but they are basically feral little pack animals at heart and they enjoy running around screaming together(I say that with the utmost love, of course) I still remember Z when she was just starting to get to the age of playing with instead of alongside gleefully telling me how she'd spent the day with her little gang running and spitting. Not the kind of activity she'd have gotten to enjoy staying at home with boring old Mummy.

Violet said...

mtnw: "feral little pack animals" - sounds like a scene out of Lord of the Flies, doesn't it? TLM already enjoys spitting, despite our efforts to curb the habit.