Monday, March 03, 2008

Fairground attractions

It was a pretty busy day for TLM yesterday.

First of all, the boy took her to the zoo, where they were celebrating Children's Day. So in addition to hanging out with the lions, baboons and meerkats, TLM experienced her first (free) lollipop. The boy said that, once she put it in her mouth, she was so quiet he almost forgot she was sitting on his shoulders.

Apparently she also partook of the bouncy castle delights, but felt a bit claustrophobic at the huge number of children she had to share the place with.

In the afternoon, I took TLM down to the community fair. There was live music, stalls selling stuff that looks fun but breaks the minute you get it home, food stalls, and even a fire fighter demonstration of how not to put out a cooking fire.

But the real reason I wanted TLM to visit the fair, was to get her a ride on the merry-go-round. Only, she got bored with it after the first couple of revolutions - probably because the horses didn't go up and down, only round and round. She also had a go at one of those rip-off sideshow games, the ones that display oversized soft toy prizes, even though you can guarantee you'll only win a crappy 50c plastic toy.

I think she had fun.


Angela said...

sounds like fun.
It is fun taking them out for things they have never seen or done before.

Violet said...

angela: yes it is, which kinda makes up for not being able to do all the grown-up stuff I used to do before I was a parent.

Barrie said...

I certainly would've had fun. My kids would've too. :)