Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The beginning of the end of naps

The day before yesterday, TLM spent her whole naptime singing and otherwise making damned sure I could tell she wasn't sleeping.

Today, TLM stayed awake throughout naptime by complaining that she couldn't find one of the fluffy socks that she wore on her hands (her choice, not mine). I went in twice, found the missing sock each time, and hoped she'd go to sleep at last.

I wouldn't mind TLM skipping out on naps, if she wasn't a total grump without them. I'd just put her to bed an hour early (that'd be, oh...6pm) and enjoy extra couple time with the boy.

But the grumpy afternoons make me tear my hair out; no matter how much fun the morning was, I'd be worn down and tired out by 5pm. I'd be hanging out for the boy's return home from work.

I suppose you can't stop progress though, eh?


Angela said...

I am so glad that Gregory naps willingly.
A missing sock is a problem. Glad you were her hero and found it for her.
Grumpy kids make moms Grumpy too.
Hope she either starts naping again or is able to hang out late and happy.

Violet said...

yeah, me too. It's no fun when you're both tired and grumpy.

Daddy L said...

At least if she doesn't nap she'll go to bed at 6:00pm. The Boy barely nap either, and doesn't go to bed until 10:00pm.

Leo said...

Like the new look. Both mine stopped napping at 1 1/2yrs. It was kind of a blessing because we did suddenly get our couple time and evenings back which was lovely.

Can't remember what I did with them at the end of the day but I would recommend a routine and stick to it. Kids get grumpier when they are tired and don't know what they're doing.

Make a drawn-out bedtime routine that starts about 4 or 5pm and do the same thing everyday. Talk to her about how she is so grown up now with no naptime and she now has a big girl bedtime, and include her in things like making dinner, running baths.

If all else fails, use that last hour of the day as TV time which will calm her down for bedtime anyway.

Violet said...

daddy l: blimmin' 'eck! But they say that kids who don't need much sleep are often really really bright kids.

leo: Funnily enough, we're keeping her bedtime at 7pm and she's not too tired for it. But 2 out of the 3 afternoons following a no-nap, she's not been tooo grumpy.