Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to spend a small salary

I'm fairly sure that, if and when I start working earning again, there won't actually be that much money in my pocket once childcare is paid for. But I can't help thinking about how I'd like to spend my earnings anyway. I suppose it's a small-scale variation on the If-I-Won-The-Lottery game.

So, assuming I will have net earnings, future spends will be on:

-buying a compost bin (they probably don't cost much, but the boy isn't interested so if we get one it'll be because I paid for it)

- having my will done (I mean, as in "my will and living testament" or however it reads - not some kind of Willow-magic)

- buying shoes that are both stylish and super-comfy. (It may not be possible, but apparently Kumfs come pretty close.)

- and some nice white shirts (I have a problem with white clothes, as they have to be washed separately - but I hate to underload the washing machine. So the only solution is to wear a lot more white)

- spend more time in cafes (probably in the form of half-hour lunch breaks, but time spent in a cafe is time pretending to be a Beautiful Person)

It's a short list, really. But I'm sure I'll be able to add to it once I see some money.


Make Tea Not War said...

I don't mean to rain on your dreams but every time I have gotten kumfs they have invariably caused me to sprain an ankle. I can't explain it- they just seem not to support my ankles properly or something.

Incidentally the Public Trust will do your will for free- though you have to appoint them as executor which may be a deterrent. I did mine through them on-line.

Anonymous said...

I have spent a small fortune on Kumfs, especially as they're about the only shoes that can take orthotics, but the toes are too tight and the heel is too loose, my feet swim about in them and I end up in more pain and strain than by not wearing the orthotic in a pair of much cheaper shoes. Total waste of money. Be very sure they fit before you buy anything.

If you do fancy their styles (and I find them a little clonky-looking) and want to try them, join their club because that gives you 30-day right of return even if you've worn the shoes outside. They claim to take them back in any condition, within 30 days, from club members.

Nigel Patel said...

I've had the worst luck with comfy shoes and have had to settle for a different kind for different tasks.
The optimum for me would be Vans with more arch support.

Violet said...

thanks for the warnings, mtnw and cathi. It sounds to me that I could end up as disillusioned as I was with Hush Puppies. And yes, I do find the styles clunky, but was prepared to compromise just to get out of the sneakers-with-everything trap.

I've heard about the Public Trust wills, apparently they charge a lot for executions (of will, that is).

nigel:I thought it'd be a lot easier for guys though.

Angela said...

I still make lists in my head.
I make a mess of white clothes, so I would rather just have a small load of laundry
Yes I also need to make a will

Dreams of extra money is nice.

Angela said...

I wear danceCo shoes.
I am not sure if I spelled the name right
They aren't very cute, but my feet love them!

Violet said...

angela: I'm infamous for turning white clothes pink, grey or baby blue. Those shoes you mention - I'd be highly surprised if they were available in NZ. We have such a tiny range in the shops here.

Kerryn Angell said...

Hush Puppies are great for stylish comfy shoes too. :)

Violet said...

kerryn angell: I'd heard that, but have 2 pairs of uncomfortable Hush Puppies to prove otherwise :-)