Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Wii in Mii

It's been a while since my last blog post, hasn't it? In fact, I think the last time I took such a long blog hiatus, I came back with a brand new baby.

This time I haven't so exciting an excuse. I've just been busy - busy catching up on sleep, watching DVDs (Touching the Void was great - harrowing, but great. I was expecting more of a dramatisation and less of a documentary, but actually it was probably a good way to do it) and aquainting myself with the new Nintendo Wii (rhymes with "pee") which the boy bought us for Christmas.

Everyone in the family has an avatar, or mii - the boy's looks like a saucy Frenchman, mine looks like a disappointed Asian TV news reporter and The Little Madam's (which hopefully will remain unplayed for the time being) looks like a very wise six-year-old.

Being mostly a non-gamer, I expect that I'll only be playing with the Wii when challenging the boy to a game of ten-pin bowling (I thrashed him last night) or golf (he thrashed me). Although the pool game could be very useful in improving my game (I'm famously hopeless).

So there you go.


Gary James said...

I thought Touching the Void was amazing too.

onscreen said...

If you ever get bored of the Wii, send it to mee!

Make Tea Not War said...

We got a Wii too! The tennis game is quite fun. We've been playing it co-operatively as we know from experience that we are both too competitive for it to really be a good idea to play against each other.

Angela said...

My husband tried that game system and he said that his arms hurt after playing.

Violet said...

gary james: yeah I didn't know who to feel sorrier for - the guy who crawled/hopped over glaciers and moraines on a broken leg and ended up in a pit of poo, or the guy who had to live with the knowledge that he'd left his climbing partner out there, for dead.

onscreen: I'll probably get bored with it soonish but the boy might never get bored with it.

mtnw: we haven't tried the tennis game yet, but I know what you mean about the competitiveness - we had that problem with the Buffy board game!

angela: yeah what a load of rubbish about Wii being less OOS-prone than normal computer games. My wrists got a bit sore playing those shooting games.

Nyx said...

I'll third Touching the Void - incredible film. And we would love a wii but have bought too many toys this year and are being good. Next year though when we have money again and the price is down, we will be so there.