Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lights, camera, action...

For the first time since I first moved into this house we all live in, it was decorated for Christmas. The boy wanted to be sure that The Little Madam got a taste of what Christmas was like when he was growing up. So on Christmas Eve, after TLM was tucked up in her cot for the night, the two of us set about hanging up the tackiest of flashing lights, shiny orbs and coloured ribbons (standing in for streamers).

Photos were taken (hopefully to be posted well before next Christmas) of TLM admiring the pretty lights, ripping open her presents and wearing the red velvet dress sent by her grandad from the UK (velvet being not nearly as inappropriate as you would think, for a summer Christmas, because we've had a terrible summer so far).

Having just started to say "yum yum" in relation to food, TLM's utterance was the biggest light in my mum's day when she said this after a mouthful of home-made dim sim. I hope it's made up for my regretful grumpiness on the Friday when I had to cart my mum around the supermarkets during the pre-holiday rush (my blood pressure has gone back to normal, but it took a while).

There were laughs aplenty at dinner - mainly coming from TLM herself, whose cousins were engaging in a massive peekaboo game with her. All the chortling didn't stop her from eating more dimsim and more deep-fried wontons though. The other adults were really impressed at this display of "good" eating ('cos the cousins wouldn't eat anything), but it makes me wonder what's going to happen in a few years time when it's going to be a bad thing that TLM so loves her fried and fatty food.


Michael C said...

Sounds like it was a grea Christmas for TLM!!

Violet said...

yeah, she had a fab time :-)

Angela said...

Their little expressions are so precious.

Anonymous said...

sorry violet,but her uncle robin and myself bought the red dress,
grandad bought the blue pinifore dress,(but i choose both as grandad has awful taste)


Violet said...

angela: I just noticed today that TLM sings along to Twinkle Twinkle with me when I put her down for a nap! It doesn't make her go to sleep, tho :-(

anonymous: Hi Jackie. Well you have great taste in clothing! Thanks :-)