Sunday, December 17, 2006

New television crush

Now that I'm completely and utterly up-to-date with Gilmore Girls, finished with The 4400 and waiting for season 3 of Deadwood to come out on DVD ('cos we've already missed too many episodes screening on the Prime channel), my new TV series of desire is Heroes.

It's quite comic book-y, sort of like X-Men but with more time to develop a half-way believable background history and characters. My two favourites are a pretty cheerleader (shades of Buffy here) who comes to the realisation that she is virtually unkillable, and a nerdily lovable Japanese guy who can bend space and time i.e. can stop poker games at the most convenient moment or travel to another country in another time.

There is a bit of gore though - some bad guys get literally torn apart by a brutal other-personality of an otherwise lovely mum and let's not forget the part where the cheerleader wakes up in the middle of her own autopsy.

The Little Madam won't be watching this of course. For the time being at least, she is perfectly happy with The Wiggles, Thomas and Friends, Fifi and The Flowertots and Boobah.


Frally said...

I have watched the whole series (so far) of Heroes via Bittorrent and it is awesome. My only complaint is there is a lot of lazy writing on the creators behalf, leading to big plotholes and clunky dialogue - (Joss would never do that!). Also, some of the worst continuity errors I've ever seen. However, still an ace show if you're not as picky as me ;).

Make Tea Not War said...

Yes- yay for heroes. We've watched the whole thing so far and like it a lot.

happy and blue 2 said...

I keep meaning to watch Heroes and always get sidetracked. Same with the 4400 series. I guess DVD's are the way to go..

Nigel Patel said...

Watched K-19: The Widowmaker with my brother. Probably the only Peter Sarsgaard movie you can watch with kids in the room.
I think little eyes are immune to Russians cooped up in a submarine getting radiation poisoning.

china said...

Merry Christmas!

Violet said...

frally: good god woman, you're alive! I've spotted a few plotholes already, and it does force me to work extra-hard on the suspended-disbelief thing.

mtnw: wot, even with the violence?

happyandblue2: I guess you're far too busy living life, eh?

nigel:Ooh that sounds like the kind of movie I'd steer clear of.

Make Tea Not War said...

Yeah- its comic book violence. Its not real and its not sexual violence or actually that sadistic (unlike say Carnivale). It is well within the parameters of what I can handle.