Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The day-off from Hell

I stayed at home today to look after The Little Madam, collect and deliver her poo sample and take her to see the GP. The boy was all in favour of this, even though technically it's something our nanny could do while I went to work. It was no holiday.

Despite TLM's temperature dropping to something resembling normal, she's spent the day veering from one extreme to the other. On moment she's laughing at the little Wiggles singing Hot Potato, the next she's screaming unconsolably - and then maybe she has a big poo explosion.

One poo broke through the nappy banks and onto her trousers. When I tried to pull them off I also succeeded in flicking bits of it over my face, shirt and jeans. Oh, and also the rug.

Then there was the poo which squirted out while TLM was in her cooling bath. As soon as I replaced the bathwater and the baby, there was an even more frightening explosion.

By the end of today I thought she was screaming herself hoarse because I was unwittingly passing on stress-y vibes, but the boy has had no better luck since he got home.


happy and blue 2 said...

It's really hard when a child is sick. You want to make them feel better but all you can really do is watch over them and wait for it to pass..

Kazzer said...

Poor wee mite. When she's better, can we please have some more photos? (Auntie Karen is missing out).

Angela said...

Poor baby. Explosive poops are no fun

Violet said...

TLM is heaps better today - only 2 explosions and no screaming. There was, alarmingly, some kind of rash on her arms and around her knees, but apparently this is a viral rash opportunist taking advantage of her lowered immunity.

I promise to post photos, kazzer.