Saturday, April 01, 2006


My old Honda Civic, listed on TradeMe, generated a fair bit of interest - mostly because I listed the reserve at a giveaway $350. The winning bid of $725 came from a guy in Taupo. He got a lift into town two days later and handed over a thick wad of cash and a change of ownership receipt, before starting up the car and heading back on his 4-5 hour journey home.

So that's one more parking space on the streets outside my house, and one less insurance premium to pay.

Just for a bit of a lark, I also listed my collection of 18 NetGuide magazine back issues. Hoping for bargain-hungry punters, the reserve was set at a lowly $1. They sold alright, but to the first and only bidder. For $1. Once I've paid my seller's fee I'm left with about 50 cents. That's hardly worth the effort of packaging them up and sending out to the buyer, even if I don't have to pay for the postage.

I know now that there is very little chance of ever getting rich selling stuff online.

Oh yeah, and I just found out that my new car is missing a hub cap. The Echo's been in my possession for less than a month and already it's shedding bits.


Nigel Patel said...

I remember driving my very short lived Chevy Monte Carlo, yes I am such a dude from Detroit, over some innocent looking train tracks only to see my hubcap rolling majesticly away in the rearview.
It wasn't one of the Pimp Montes though, it was one of the first gas crisis Montes.

EB said...
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darth said...

congrats on selling a whole CAR online...i've never really tried any of that buying and selling thing-mrs.darth loves ebay though.

and wtf? did the hubcap fall off do you think, or did someone nick it?

EB said...

Sorry about my previous comment Violet. It's great that you sold the car.

The Editter said...

well done! what's the deal with not paying postage?

Jon said...

Hubcaps can be easily replaced- now, if the engine fell off, THAT would be a problem ;)

Violet said...

nigel: I had no idea hub caps were so flimsy.

darth: With the last car, someone stole the hot pink metal tire caps (the ones which you unscrew when you do the air pressure) and I was so annoyed about it...

eb: yeah, it's a great load off my mind.

editter: the buyer paid for the postage. And just as well, or else I'd have made a lost of about 10 dollars.

jon: that's true. I should be happy it wasn't the engine.

No, still not happy.

Kazzer said...

Deep sympathy about the hub cap Violet. I know exactly what you mean. On my previous car I was more upset about losing a hubcap that smashing the front headlight. If you do get another, use those plastic things to tie it on. The Toyota garage told me there was no chance of losing the hubcaps on a n Echo - blurry liars.