Friday, April 07, 2006

Eight months

On Tuesday Baby will be 8 months old.

She still isn't crawling or standing, but she does this little bum shuffle which could get her across the room in...oh...about a week.

She seems to have completely forgotten her sleep training. I suppose teething and getting your first ever cold would do that. These days she'll take a nap at 7am (having gotten up at 6am) and that's it until someone takes her for a walk (in the backpack, buggy or car) some time in the afternoon.

Her size 0 clothes are too long, but the size 00 stretch'n'grows are too short.

She can drink from a sippy cup, but she'd rather just play with it. Everything she touches gets soaked or covered in spit.

She'll eat most things if there is plenty of fruit mixed with it, but avocado and parsnip still make her gag. Courgette and broccoli are the two vegetables she eats willingly.

She can stay up all morning when she's with the babysitter and not grizzle. But if I keep her up past her bedtime she screams the house down.

She's started turning her head sideways to look at things.

It's when she's got her fingers entwined in my hair that I realise how strong her grip is.

She sit up in her bath and watches the water swirls. I'm going shopping for a rubber ducky.

And next? Swimming lessons in about three weeks.


Ms Mac said...

Eight Months already? Blimey!

Juliabohemian said...

what's courgette?

EB said...

And Baby's going to keep getting stronger with the hair-removal-plan.

boudica of suburbia said...

I saw the cutest little rubber ducks the other day, if I see them again I'll send you one. Here are are some uber cool ones.

Violet said...

ms mac: yeah, I reckon children exist to make their parents feel as though time is racing past at warp speed.

juliabohemian: courgettes are like zucchinis but bigger. They're also like marrow, but smaller :-)

eb: Maybe it's time to either start wearing my hair up, or cut it short. Mum hair.

boudica of suburbia: some of those ducks look a little too scary for babies. But the mini colour change duck sounds like fun. The only ones I've seen are the giant-sized ones in different colours.