Friday, April 28, 2006

She loves books, but she couldn't eat a whole one (or, Hey - this stuff tastes like cardboard!)

Baby does have quite an affinity with books. I always hoped that it meant she'd eventually become a regular library patron and devourer of books. But I didn't think she'd be devouring them literally.

It's the paper. When she hears me rustling the pages of a magazine or sees me turning them, she automatically reaches out with her sticky little hands to get a taste.

Baby will turn her nose up at a lovingly microwaved dish of steak and veges baby food, but give her a real estate agent's postcard to play with and in the ten minutes it takes to wash a few dishes at the sink, half of that postcard has disappeared down her gullet in a mash of saliva-soaked pulp.

I hope it all comes out in the poo.


Desiree said...

So what you need to do is smear paper with the baby food and then gradually wean her off the paper-based product.

If anything the paper must have LOTS of fibre?!?

Beth said...

Hi Violet,
lol! Eve is EXACTLY the same. I was just washing up and turned around to find she'd eaten nearly a whole playing card! She's also eaten two cardboard labels from cuddly toys and always tried to eat my magazines.
Like you, I'm hoping the digestive system can cope!
Eve also LOVES swimming. We go every wekk and it took her three times before she started kicking. I hold her under her tummy and stand still til she kicks. Then I move. I stop if she stops. She has a massive grin on her face the whole time. You're very brave doing it on your own, though. I always take my hubby with me so he can hold Eve while I shower and change.
Beth and Eve (8 months)

Juliabohemian said...

chock full of fiber!

Jon said...

I'm sure it's harmless, but there have to be some chemicals in the paper. Maybe a pacifier will do the trick?

Violet said...

desiree: yeah but it's got lots of nice, toxic ink too. Apparently there was a massive poo this morning (the boy was on early morning duty) so hopefully it's all there.

beth: Lovely to hear for you. I'll try that next time - only move if she kicks. I'd love for the boy to come too, but the weekend classes were full.

juliabohemian: as if Baby needed in help in the area of regularity...

jon:Baby doesn't approve of pacifiers. Only real nipple will do.