Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Too soon

I got a phone call this morning, from the childcare place up the road. I'd visited when I was about 7 months pregnant, and was on their waiting list to start in late January. They already want me to confirm that I want to enroll Baby into the centre, and the days I want her to be there - but I feel it's still way too early to even decide for sure whether I want to go back to work that soon. I mean, I don't have to tell work until about 3 weeks before I'm due back, whether or not I'm really going back or not.


The Editter said...

"whether or not I'm really going back or not".

Aha. You're really not ready to decide, are you?

Jon said...

Can your mom watch the baby, if you drop her off at her house? Or is that a bad idea? But I'm assuming you want to go back to work, which I probably shouldn't

boudica of suburbia said...

Its bizarre how you have to enroll them before birth lol, good forward thinking and all that!

You could always employ a nanny. If you go to a good, reputable agency I don't see it being a problem.

My mother worked full-time after I was born and my father looked after me most of the time. Otherwise I did the whole she-bang: babysitter, tiny tots, play school, nursery, aupair, school, child minder, after school club.
Don't feel guilty about having a life as well as Baby. If you're not neglecting her, theres no problem :D



mlwhitt said...

I am just so glad that Kim and I work different hours and that my mother lives next door because I hate to have to think about the hassle of Daycare.

Violet said...

editter: hell no!

jon: My mum's a bit too frail to look after a boisterous child, though I'm sure she'd have wanted to otherwise. I think daycare would be good for Baby, since she'd be looked after by baby-friendly professionals.

boudica: I just think that, at 5 months old, she'd be too young to go to daycare. But if I want to wait until she's older then I won't have my old job to go back to.

mlwhitt: people with family close by who are willing to babysit for free are extremely lucky.

glomgold said...

I guess the childcare company thought 'baby' and smelled 'money'.