Thursday, September 15, 2005

Plunket wisdom

Today, on the fifth week anniversary of Baby's arrival in this world, we had our first visit from the Plunket nurse.

My little bean (for that's what she reminds me of when her arms and legs are drawn in) now weighs in at 4.65 kg, now definitely too big for the Babylove brand of nappies but still okay for the Baby Supreme brand of which we've received another shipment of 120. So, despite any breastfeeding problems at my end, Baby is still getting all the food she needs.

Before she left, the Plunket nurse imparted some pearls of wisdom:

- I've been overdressing Baby. Apparently it's a Chinese characteristic to overdress babies, and I thought it was just my mother who was like that.

- We've also been heating up the rooms too much i.e. it wasn't actually necessary to have the heaters on at all (we've had the room temperature up around the 20 degrees Celsius mark, when it only had to be around 15).

- I should be a heck of a lot more patient about getting Baby to sleep. Next time she cries in her hammock, I'll actually try to soothe her for a lot longer (more than 30 seconds) before picking her up and cuddling her.

- Those crusty bits on her eyebrows are actually mild cradle cap, which we can treat by rubbing a little olive oil on them.

- There are other breastfeeding positions I should try, to avoid aggravating the pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome which is affecting my wrists (how inconvenient, since it means that lifting Baby actually hurts).

All in all, a very productive visit for me.


The Editter said...

If you've been putting pink ribbons round Baby's head or dressing her in suits with tails and ears then I totally agree with the overdressing charge.

Kazzer said...

flipping heck! Don't these things come with a manual and a 'how to' DVD?

mlwhitt said...

I was paranoid about over dressing our Dani so I went out and got a thermometer to what the tempature closely. We had been dressing her in two layers of clothes if you count the SwaddleMe. I didn't realize that the room was 80 degrees, yikes, no wonder she was crying so much. Hard to keep track of everything you have to do for the little ones ain't it?

Violet said...

editter: do tiaras count?

kazzer: If only!

mlwhitt: the thermometer keeps telling me that our living room and bedroom are around 20 degrees Celcius, but it sure as hell doesn't feel that warm - that's what's so confusing.

EB said...

The baby ward at the hospital felt that warm. I didn't know cradle cap could gather on the eyebrows! (raises mine)

Violet said...

eb: yeah, it can also affect the back of the ears.